Planning to introduce automation or reacting to outgrown or defective automation?
There’s a bespoke service for you.

Depending how far along in your automation journey your organisation is, you may be looking for help in understanding why existing automation isn’t delivering the throughput you expect or how to take the next steps along your growth path.

Understanding how people, process, software and automation work together is the key in either scenario; just that one scenario is diagnosing why the current combination is not working and the other is designing for them to work together in the smoothest, cheapest way, in the future.

The Diagnose and Design pathways are crafted with your needs in mind. And as we all know, embedding change takes time and repetition for it to stick. Find out more below!




 Sophie is a natural leader with the knowledge and capability….. and someone that I would gladly team up with on future projects 

– Dave Roberts, Operations Manager at Winvic

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