End to End Systems Design

Do all your systems talk to each other and give a seamless customer experience?

Have you ever had that experience on a website where you’re muttering to yourself ‘why do I have to put my details in here again when I already gave you that?’  You’ve experienced that, right?  Frustrating isn’t it?  A waste of your time.

Or maybe you work in an organisation where you’re typing information into one system and then having to update a completely separate spreadsheet or system with the same information?  Or when a customer changes their address details, you have access multiple pieces of software to process their request?

This fragmented user experience often develops as a result of small organisations growing from start-up and through a growth-curve where focus has primarily been on growing sales and the back-end systems that manage the workflow have been brought online at various different stages.  Suddenly, the order book is blossoming but the back-end systems are struggling to keep up.

An organisation may find itself with an ERP system, accounting software and online payment portal for example, that don’t fit together or link together.  Double- or triple-entry is not uncommon and the functional gaps are typically filled with manual input into multiple spreadsheets, pivot tables and graphs – a myriad of patches to provide the necessary result and elicit the management information that’s actually required.  The end to end process time is getting longer as data entry becomes more complicated and no-one has really got a strategic view of the end to end flow any more.

Ultimately, you’re not as easily able to satisfy your customers, costly errors are increasing and staff morale is suffering, especially amongst your administration staff.

Many organisations recognise that they have issues similar to these but team members are busy ‘doing the work’ in their day jobs.  Focus on these sorts of projects is difficult to maintain as no-one has the capacity to drive an internal project.

end to end systems design

Is an external, independent resource the ideal solution for you?

Someone to drive and maintain focus on collating your customer requirements, work with your team to carry out a process review, map your processes and draw up a high level end to end current state system overview.

I can help you identify your system gaps and work with your existing team and software providers on a new end to end systems design that, once implemented, will help you achieve increased customer satisfaction, right first time and at least cost and will definitely please your team!

Identifying and automating information flow can save an organisation enormous amounts of money in the short to medium term and ROI can be realised within months.